Top Tips for Managing Your Online Activity

As we venture further into the world of online gigs, panels, activities and events, there is now an expectation that these experiences for both audiences and participants are as slick and as professional as possible. We recognise that not everyone has huge budgets to attract all of the best technology and artwork. So we spoke to Liam O’Brien at AV Events, and asked them what their top 10 tips would be for managing an online event and making sure that it looks as professional as possible.

This is what Liam would recommend:

Pick your location –

A strong internet connection is vital. A desktop with a wired connection is preferable, but a laptop on wifi will work, however please don’t site yourself too far from the router.

Pick your backdrop –

You will be seen by hundreds of people live, and recorded to a website. The background of your webcam shot should be uncluttered, or relevant to the talk you are giving. Also please remove any private or personal items – again, this view of potentially your house will be made public for ever.

Height –

try to get the webcam positioned on an even level with your eye line.

Lighting –

Ideally you should face a window, or face the middle of the room if you have a central light fitting. Being lit from behind or the side will cast your face in shadow.

Sound –

You should be able to be heard clearly. This is normally not a problem, but do try to speak loudly and clearly to the room, as though your audience were present.

Presentations –

Are you intending to share an image, website, audio, or powerpoint? Please inform your technical team so that this can be checked in advance. If you are the technical team, then organise a dummy run and make sure that when you share your screen, you don’t accidentally share your 90 day body coach images instead.

Panel sessions and Q&A –

You may be invited to a panel or Q&A session. If asked, please keep your mic muted during other people’s sessions. During a panel, it is likely that all panellists will have their microphones live. In which case, please turn your computer volume down, or use headphones, so that other speakers are not picked up in a loop through your microphone.

Video on/off –

Depending on the setup for a session, you may be asked to join a meeting and wait while someone else speaks first. In this circumstance, you may be asked to turn your video off, and then to restart it when you session begins. Please familiarise yourself with how to turn your video and microphone on and off.

If you would like to contact Liam directly, get in contact via their website.


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