Funding for Online Culture Projects – A Call for Reading Based Artists and Organisations

Reading Culture Live: Culture to Your Living Room from Reading

What? I hear you say from your lockdown location.

The Reading Place of Culture, a project run by Reading Borough Council, Reading UK and Reading University, are creating a virtual ‘venue’ called Reading Culture LIVE, where you will be able to take part in activities and events created by our cultural community for our community.

This platform has been developed in response to the challenges associated with measures taken as a result of COVID-19 and the effects that these have had on our cultural sector as well as our community.

As we already know that taking part in cultural activities and events are some best ways to make us feel good, we will be running online projects inspired by the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing and delivered by Reading’s cultural organisations:

1. Connect
2. Be Active
3. Learn
4. Give
5. Take Notice

These will all be hosted on our new digital streaming platform:

What is going to be on the website?
Well this is where you come in. We are inviting Reading creatives and organisations to take part in creating the online activities and events for the website to complement existing content.

There will be two equal pots of funding available to apply for. You will be able to apply for up to £2,000 for the creation of an online digital experience linked to the 5 steps to mental wellbeing. We want to see Reading’s already vibrant local creative offering online so it can help boost people’s wellbeing.

Who is the funding for?
We welcome applications from any individuals, artists or organisations who are from or based in Reading, to create great digital artistic content in response to the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing that appeals to a wide range of audiences online. This could include families with young children to people with disabilities, there will also be an emphasis on work that would appeal to people who may not ordinarily engage in the arts. This does not have to be new work, it can be a class or activity that you already run but haven’t yet taken online. We are keen to reach isolated groups of people, so welcome partnerships between the voluntary and cultural sectors.

What are the deadlines for funding?
Round one will be open from 29 April until 8 May 2020 at midday.
Shortlisting: 10 May 2020
Decision and confirmation of support: 11 May 2020
Announcements: 12 May 2020
Activity delivery date will be confirmed with each individual proposal.

Round two will be open from 8 May until 8 June 2020.
Details TBC and will be announced more formally.

There is £10,000 available in each round and you will be able to apply for up to £2,000 to deliver your online project.

What can I get funding for?
We would like to support a new online community of events and activities linked to the 5 steps to mental wellbeing.

For example:
● Participatory creative writing workshops
● Dance for keeping fit and positive
● Singing for Asthma
● Oral history and reminiscence workshops with items from your home

If you need a little inspiration have a look at these websites to see what it is that they do:
airbnb Online Experiences
Truth to Power Café
Revoluton Arts #DigitalRevoluton

You can apply for anything that has a creative digital output linked to the 5 steps to mental wellbeing, and that can be put on our brand spanking new website:

What does digital mean?
We are definitely not digital experts and therefore appreciated that you may have a strong idea but not quite sure how to execute it. Don’t worry we are here to help as much as possible, let us know in your application if you need any advice. We would like to stress that it is the idea and potential audience reach that are the most important aspects of this funding.

How will the funding be allocated?
This is a project for the community by the community, as such each application will be looked at by a panel made up of people from Reading, including representatives from the following sectors; health and wellbeing, creative and community groups.

The panel will mark the funding application against the following criteria:
Quality: the proposal is clear and fits in with the 5 steps to mental wellbeing
Audience Reach and Engagement: a clear understanding of who it is you are reaching
Diversity and Equality: diversity in terms of individuals delivering the project and the target audience

How do I apply?
We have tried to make the process as accessible as possible. So there are two ways to apply. Click here to use our online form. Or you can send us a short video (no longer than 4 minutes).

When you send the video please make sure you include the following information:
1. Your name, contact details and proposed name of your idea
2. Clearly outline your idea
3. Provide details on how you will use digital spaces and technology to reach your audience
4. Outline who your audiences are likely to be
5. Provide information on any previous experience of delivering projects
6. Tell us when you think you might be able to deliver your project
7. What budget you are applying for

If you would like help or if you have questions about any of the above please get in contact with any of the following lovely enthusiastic humans.
Name 1 – contact
Name 2 – contact

or email us here!

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