13 July 2020
11:00 am



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Art Under Lockdown – THE BOX

For the last few months, many of us have been confined to rooms, flats, houses, human boxes from which there has been little relief. Some were in the town, others in suburbs, some perhaps out in rural areas. What did this feel like? Was it lonely, or expansive? How did we make sense of it? What stories do we tell of it? In this workshop, we look at three artists’ interpretations: Edward Hopper whose paintings suggest loneliness, Agnes Martin, who found relief and meaning in a boundaried world, and Lawson Oyekan, who explores limits and no-limits in ceramic form.

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Eventbrite: Art Under Lockdown Session Two – The Box

Workshop fee £10; please pay this if you are able, places are free for those who are financially constrained.

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