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No 5 Young People: Why Don’t You Become a Plant Parent?

No.5 Young People is a counselling service for young people in Reading. Their Young Ambassadors noticed that a lot of people have been having a hard time finding things to do during lockdown so they decided to set some challenges! In the first lockdown they set challenges for some of the younger people using No.5 Young People’s services using prompts to give inspiration for crafty creations.

Working with Reading Museum, Cast Iron Theatre and Real Time, the Young Ambassadors decided to share their challenges with more young people in Reading, asking the question ‘Why don’t you?’

Abbie and Angie explore the highs and lows of becoming a plant parent; finding helpful hints and tips to look after any new leafy friends in your life! Why don’t you become a plant parent? And share your creations with us on our Trello board.

Links mentioned in video:

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Carrie Rad

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Epic Gardening 

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