6 July 2020
11:00 am



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Art Under Lockdown – NATURE

Many of us have found a great consolation in Nature during lockdown; there are many stories of people walking more, cycling more, discovering new places of beauty they didn’t know about, finding fresh enjoyment in planting, growing vegetables, even if only a tomato plant on a windowsill. Aloneness often feels a gift in a natural space.
In this workshop, we will be looking at three artists that help us see and connect with nature in different ways. Cézanne was a painter who sought the solitary in order to paint his vision of the underlying interconnectedness of nature; Chris Ofili is a UK artist whose large canvases sing with the fizzing glory of nature and life, Georgia O’Keefe left the metropolis of New York to work in the desert, honing in on the minute detail of plants, making them vast.

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Eventbrite: Art Under Lockdown Session One – Nature
Workshop fee £10; please pay this if you are able, places are free for those who are financially constrained.

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