6 June 2020
11:30 am



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Live Dinosaur Party

Join Children’s Entertainer, Grace, for this Roarsome live event! With lots of dinosaur party games and adventures to join in with, this party is the perfect jurassic adventure for dino-fans! Get ready for the dinosaur dance and prepare yourself to help Grace return a T-rex egg to its mother!

The Live video will appear on this page towards the start time. Please feel free to leave messages and comments for the hosts below, and they may be read out on the video.

Facebook: @jollypopentertainment
Twitter: @JollypopEnts

14 Replies to “Live Dinosaur Party”

    1. Hi Beth! Everyone is invited to join this roar-some party but it is likely to be most fun for children aged 7 and under! The activities at this party will be varied in order to capture the imaginations of a wide age range! Hope that helps- have a great day 🦖🦕

    1. Hi Rey! Thank you so much for joining our party! Grace can’t wait to share lots of dinosaur fun with you!

  1. Massively disappointed toddlers here- I know that things come up etc but if you weren’t able to go ahead with this you really should have put up some sort of notice…

    1. Hi Aine,

      If you refresh your webpage, the event is live and running now. Sorry for any issues experienced.

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