20 July 2020
11:00 am



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Art Under Lockdown – DREAMING

Where did we escape to in the heart of lockdown? What were our day dreams, our night dreams, our fantasies? When one ventures into the inner world, what does one find? This workshop focuses on dreaming, looking at two very different artists, and two very different cultures. The first is Surrealism and Dorothea Tanning, the partner of Max Ernst, and a brilliant artist in her own right. Fascinated by Freud and Jung, she explored the world of her own interior, sharing it in her painting. The second is Emily Kame, an Aboriginal artist, born into the longstanding tradition of sacred dreaming, through which Nature is honoured and refreshed. For a tasty pleasure, we will also watch a snippet of the Italian filmmaker Fellini’s 81/2.

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Eventbrite: Art Under Lockdown Session Three – Dreaming
Workshop fee £10; please pay this if you are able, places are free for those who are financially constrained.

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