8 December 2020
12:30 pm



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Digital Advent Calendar – Door 8: Merry Christmas from Readipop

With well over 100 contributors, Readipop created this video with the help of a wonderful mix of team members, members of it’s community bands, participants in it’s ‘AAA’ programme for young people, and artists on their development programme (as well as friends, family, cats and dogs!). It was put together as a tonic to a strange year, and as a way to be together whilst apart over Christmas. The extended Readipop family sent in audio recordings made on anything from professional microphones to mobiles, playing samba drums on pans and singing through phones, contributing their part to the Christmas cheer after weeks of practicing parts with Readipop Music Leaders in virtual band sessions.

Readipop is a music charity that run a number of projects and programmes in the Thames Valley. This includes providing access to music for vulnerable young people from hard-to-reach areas, including young offenders, the long-term unemployed, Special Educational Needs students, individuals from pupil referral units and those who are not able to access conventional education. Alongside this work, Readipop run community bands open to all, music lessons for hundreds of schoolchildren, and a development programme to help underrepresented local artists thrive in the music industry, and much more. They also produce the award-winning Readipop Festival as a fundraiser for the charity.

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