1 December 2020
12:30 pm



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Digital Advent Calendar – Door 1: Do They Know It’s Christmas

There’ve been no live gigs for a long time. But some of brightest names from Reading’s fantastic music scene have come together in the spirit of all things Bob & Midge to put their own spin on this perennial Christmas classic. Recorded in Covid-secure conditions over two days at Whitehouse Studios.

Much like the original Band Aid, this version of Do They Know It’s Christmas is here to support those going without food during a very difficult time. Readifood is Reading’s Food Bank, and they need your support more than ever in 2020. Please click on the donate button and give what you can. Because nobody should be going hungry – at Christmas, or any other day of the year.

Check out their “how can I help” page for how you can donate time, money or food to support them.

The All-Star line-up

The Singers
Ben Marwood
Julia Titus (Ma Bessie)
Omari Johnson-Daley
Sophie Sheehan (Colours & Fires)
Tomorrow Bird
Nicole Allan
Stuart Hutton (One-Eyed Man)
Hatty Bartlett (Vienna Ditto)
Lee & Kimberley Switzer-Wolf (The Seasons In Shorthand)
Damien A. Passmore (Damien A Passmore & The Loveable Fraudsters)
MC Rodsuit
Jules Shaw

The Band
Guitar – Rich Lucas (Eat Daddy Eat, The Mark II)
Bass – Dan Caney (Gonzo & The Razz, Magical Mystery Four)
Keyboards – Kate Kennedy (Flickerine, Harroland)
Drums – Steve Arnold (Eat Daddy Eat)

Produced and Engineered by Aled Jenkins at Whitehouse Studios
Musical Director – Damien A. Passmore

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