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Citizens’ Assemblies – a Path to Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Citizens Assemblies – a path to net zero carbon emissions

Kathie Conn and Dave Davenport from the Citizens Assembly Advocate Network will explain what a Citizens Assembly is, why a Citizen’s Assembly can break the deadlock to find solutions for difficult political issues like the climate crisis. They will explore a variety of different Citizens Assemblies including the French Climate Assembly, and discuss what makes a successful Citizens Assembly that is empowered and leads to real change. They will discuss Climate Assembly UK and its recent Climate Report.

Mags Mulowska who is the co-ordinator of Trust the People, a movement community organisers building democracy upwards. She will engage viewers in a short People’s Assembly to explore these ideas and how we might advocate for them in our own neighbourhoods.

Reading Climate Festival is a week-long programme of free events to inspire action on climate change, curated by Reading Climate Action Network.
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